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God's Love is Consistant

By Deconness Crissy Johns

February is a month people go the extra mile to show their love for each other and they celebrate Valentine's Day once a year now there's nothing wrong with showing someone how much you care and love them but why wait for one day for someone to tell you they love you true love should be shown every day of our lives God' shows us each and every day that we wake up that he loves us so why wait once a year to show our love for each other we should be showing love everyday rather it's our spouse mother father sister brother or even a person we don't know or enemy God says love each other like he loves us sometimes as humans we tend to fall out of love with each other whether it's over something we've done or didn't do or a way of person has treated us God's love is unconditional no matter what we do in life so this is why God made so made it so simple for us to stay in his word build a relationship with him God gave us Proverbs as a guide to show us how has Christians we should live our lives with understanding knowledge self-control discernment God provides so much for us in Proverbs to guide us on how to love and treat one another so if we follow this guy from the Lord it teaches us how to love when we begin to love one another 1st Corinthians 13:45 says love never gives up love cares more for others than self love does not want what it doesn't have love doesn't stretch love doesn't have a swope head doesn't Force itself on others isn't always me first doesn't fly off the handle doesn't keep score of the sins of others doesn't revel when others grovel takes pleasure in the flowering of Truth puts up with anything trust God always always looks for the best never looks back but keeps going to the end now that's true love God's love just in that one scripture and a few verses God has given us how we as Christians should be each and every day life is too short to wait another year to love each other everyday we wake up we need to thank God for life tell someone how great God's love is be kind caring put away our differences share God's word and everything we do just being kind hearted is what God wants from from his people being negative takes up too much energy and you waste time being that way Thomas precious we need that time to do God's will bring people to him not pushing them away so in order to do that we have to wear 1 Corinthians 13 like armor God designed for us to wear each and every day of our lives I hope this has been inspiration to someone cuz we're all looking for love in some kind of way whether it's for a husband wife but the first love is God's love and in order to love someone and be loved we have to learn to love in the proper way and 1st Corinthians 13 tells us exactly what we should do there are so many scriptures in the Bible that can help us and guide us and keep us on God path.

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