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By Evangelist Sophia Jeffrie

Word of the Week: Perspective

Greetings from Wise Choice Ministries! I am Evangelist Sophia Jeffrie, and I am here today to share with you the Motivational Message.

My Word for the week is Perspective!

The problem is not the problem. The problem is how you view the problem…Let that sink in... Is the glass half empty or is it half full? Your perspective will determine how you will respond to this question and other things that happens in life. You see your perspective is the way you see or view things. So, how you perceive a thing is a direct reflection of your attitude and how you think. For example, if your view is always negative when something happens to you, then it’s because you have a negative mindset.” I’m always broke”, “I never win anything”, “nothing good ever happens to me” “every time I take one step forward, I take three steps back” “when it rains, it pours” or the glass is half empty” which means you are pessimistic… Now if your view tends to be mostly positive most the time, then you have a positive mind set. “I will always come out on top!”, “good things always happens to me”, “things always works in my favor” “nothing beats a failure but a true ““I will do better next time” “this too shall pass” or “the glass is half full.” If this is you, then you are optimistic and you have a positive mindset.

1. What mindset do you identify with pessimistic or optimistic person? ____ In this New Year, if you have a negative mindset and things are not working out for you then it’s time for CHANGE! A perspective change depends on your positioning! Meaning when you continue to view things on the same level as yourself, you will only see things on this lower and natural ground level. Ground level can only see what’s down or what’s in front of them. But when you choose to look at things at a higher level, you elevate your vision and your perspective to see beyond what you can see! Take for instance, Denver Colorado nickname is called Mile High because its position is One Mile above sea level. The altitude is different there because of its location and position is above sea level. See when the altitude is higher, this can then cause the environment and attitude to be different because of the elevation which comes with a shift of your position. See the saying is “our attitude determines our ALTITUDE”!! Which means it can determine how high or how low we can go. When you are grateful for the little things that people do for you, it cause them to want to help you more. It will elevate you to a higher ground. But before we can change our vision and our perspective, there must be a shift. This shift must start in our minds because our thoughts influence what directions we will take. That’s the difference between a chicken and an eagle. A chicken stays on the ground and never tries to get any higher because they never expect more. His perspective is that he can’t do any better. But an eagle, he has a different mindset because the altitude where he hangs out at is different. When he knows he can see things from a higher level, then he can aim higher and elevate his vision and perspective, to take him where he wants to go! He sees himself moving higher to reach the top because he has a-Mile-High perspective. So, I encourage you to make that shift, to change your mindset and your vision. So, that your perspective will change, and you will begin to see things on a higher level because of the elevation. Which will cause you to soar like an eagle! So, I challenge you to change your mindset and this will affect your vision and perspective. So, look up and see beyond what you can see! So, I say to you…. I’m ready to soar like an Eagle, and the question is… How about YOU?? You be Blessed!!

About the Author

Evangelist Sophia Jeffrie is an ordained Reverend and called Evangelist into the Gospel Ministry where she serves the Lord with her whole heart! Evangelist Jeffrie is a retired Chief Petty Officer from the United States Navy, where she led, guided, trained, and ministered to thousands of Sailors throughout her career. God placed in her an assignment where He has positioned and trusted her with guiding His most troubled and vulnerable youth. It was there the Lord revealed His true purpose for her life and birthed in her the vision and purpose for what is now “Wisdom Truths”, a life-changing personal growth and development workshop designed to enhance the overall social and spiritual growth of At-Risk Youth. Evangelist Jeffrie has allowed God to use her as He heals and transforms lives by ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a larger scale! Her message of love and purpose is relatable to those from all walks of life and will certainly serve as a blessing to you as well. Evangelist Jeffrie received a Master of Arts Degree in Ministry from Luther Rice College & Seminary in 2018. She has two sons, a stepson and two stepdaughters, and has nine grandchildren.

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