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Covenant Renewed

Bible Study lesson by Pastor Ron Wise from the Exodus series.

Download the PDF of the lesson:

Covenant Renewed
Download PDF • 1.08MB

Watch the lesson live on Wise Choice Ministries Facebook page.

Pastor Ron Wise is the CFO of Wise Choice Ministries Inc., which he founded with his wife Pastor Dr. Shana Wise in 2016. He was ordained as a Deacon in 2014 and Pastor in 2023 under Bishop Izell Kirkpatrick. Ron worked in the medical field for ten years for the State of Michigan until 2011 when he sustained a spinal cord injury that left him disabled. His book, From Tragedy to Triumph, was written by Ron to share his life-changing experience after his car accident. He is married to Shana Wise and they have four children, Chris, DeVon, Imani, and Justin.

You can find Ron Wise on Facebook and Instagram. For speaking engagements, bulk book orders, and more information about his ministry, email

You can purchase his book From Tragedy to Triumph at

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